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Fashion post for Malaysia and Singapore!

Hi everyone!

So this is the first entry that will document my adventures in Asia with friends. We are flying from London Heathrow on Wednesday 18th June to Kuala Lumpur (peninsular Malaysia) and we will then get another flight to Kuching (island of Borneo). During our trip we will be visiting Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Singapore.

For this first entry, I'm going to share some of the clothes/accessories I'm taking with me to Malaysia and Singapore.


So I bought this playsuit about a year ago from New Look (yes, the vast majority of my clothes are from New Look!) I really like to cherry blossom design on the top because I am obscenely obsessed with Japan, but alas there haven't been enough fancy occasions for me to wear it.

I bought this playsuit from boohoo.com a couple of weeks ago. It's quite light so hopefully keep me cool in the tropical climate.

I bought this midi skirt earlier this month and it goes really well with the white crop top featured later in this post. Surprise, surprise I bought it from New Look.

I bought this skirt and cami top last year before I went to visit my uncle in California (San Francisco) and I picked it up from New Look.

A coral skater dress that I picked up from New Look.

I bought this about a week ago (so it may still be available!!) online from the New Look website. It's quite loose and I really like the parrot design! Definitely a favourite piece!

I bought this maxi dress earlier this month (I wasn't kidding about my love for New Look). I really like it but I'm not wildly fond of the belt that came with it.

Another favourite right here! I bought this crop top from New Look and it is just amazing. It doesn't show too much skin and it's comfortable to wear.

I gushed so much when I saw these pyjamas in Primark! As a geography student, how could I say no to pyjama bottoms that look like a map??

(Livejournal won't let me flip the image around >.<) This is close up of the pyjama bottoms. Tres cute!

I remember I was looking around for a white for a high-waisted bikini because I wanted something with support and was more conservative than a normal bikini. I found this gem a few weeks ago in River Island and it was everything I was looking for. Very much looking forward to swimming in the ocean and frolicking around at waterparks in this number!

I bought this crop top from Hollister (online) at the start of this month and I see it being a cover-up for the beach.

I bought this vest top from Hollister (online because I'm too scared to go inside the actual shop).

This is a pink version of the white crop I mentioned earlier, bought from New Look.

I've had this dress for about a month, I bought it from New Look and it has been worn a few times during the warm spells we had earlier this month.

I opted to get this dress in mint green because I realised that I had a lot of pink in my holiday wardrobe. I got this dress online from New Look last week and I'm looking forward to wearing it in Malaysia and Singapore.


(Sorry, Livejournal doesn't seem to want to put my pictures the right way round) I bought this purse yesterday because my current everyday purse (which I've had since 2009) broke so I picked this purse up from Accessorize to match the bowler bag below.


I really LOVE this bowler bag. I was looking for a small, cute bowler bag and I found this in Dorothy Perkins.

I actually have two pairs of these sandals (the other is white), made of real leather, not too expensive and really comfy. Another great New Look purchase!

I'm planning to do another post for make-up/beauty products before I go, so keep a look out for that!
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